Hair Replacement with Cyberhair

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What the Heck is Cyberhair?

Cyberhair, an elite option for volume, fullness and length, was created from a decade of research and development and tested in Asia, Europe and the Americas. 

In a world of advanced technology, diversity and personal style...comes a carefree, easy way to feel totally healthy and vibrant.  Healthy options that are light as a feather and have remarkable color with hues only found in natural growing hair....that last and last.

There are ONLY two elite options in the world of hair - your own growing hair and Cyberhair...seamlessly blended together they bring you perfection.

Cyberhair is a new innovation in hair systems, spun from scientific technology. It has many desirable qualities: durability, uniformity, lightness, softness, body and lift, and memory retention. In all of these areas, Cyberhair is equal or superior to other fibers (including human hair) while duplicating its texture to simulate your own hair. Only recently have successful methods been developed to make such a product with a natural appearance.

Currently, synthetic fibers in the market have an unnatural cross section shape or chemically damaged surface in trying to achieve light reflectant properties. On the other hand, most human hair used for hair systems has also been chemically treated in an effort to regain its natural appearance. Unfortunately, those efforts result in corrupting the hair quality in many aspects. With Cyberhair®'s technology, nothing else on the marketplace comes close to the texture of your own hair.

MOST COLORFAST... Laboratory Xenon Tests confirm that Cyberhair has a higher level of fade resistance than the other alternatives.

LIGHTNESS IN WEIGHT ( Specific Gravity )... Tests prove that Cyberhair is more than 10% lighter than other hair. In fact, Cyberhair is 18% lighter than Polyester synthetic fiber, 11% lighter than Modacrylic synthetic fiber and 14% lighter than processed human hair. The lighter the hair, the more comfort for you.

MOISTURE CONTENT... Because of the high moisture content in Cyberhair, when wet or dry the fiber feels and responds as healthy human hair, which also helps eliminate frizzing.

CURL RETENTION... The softening and melting temperatures credit Cyberhair with high stability and therefore "style memory". This allows hot showers and hair dryers to be used on Cyberhair without losing its style.

DURABILITY... Strength tests show that Cyberhair ranks the highest compared to other fibers (including human hair) of all hair system materials. Cyberhair has twice the durability of processed human hair, and is stronger than other synthetic fibers which means it has the capabilities to withstand more stress.

There are many hair replacement solutions that use Cyberhair. You will find more information from the solutions below.

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